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Home Heating Oil Delivery

The Eastern Fuel Corporation has been providing home heating oil to Connecticut homeowners in Hamden, Cheshire, North Haven, Wallingford and the surrounding areas of New Haven since 1890. Our Automatic Home Heating Oil Delivery Service ensures that Connecticut homeowners will never have to worry about their furnaces and oil heaters running out of heating oil in the middle of a long New England winter.

Automatic Home Heating Oil Deliveries:

Eastern Fuel’s experienced office staff uses a computer generated Degree-Day system that can calculate when you are in need of home heating oil and deliver automatically. Automatic home heating oil deliveries will relieve Connecticut homeowners from constantly monitoring their heating oil tank and eliminate the danger of running out of home heating oil during the cold winter in Connecticut.

Call-In Home Heating Oil Deliveries:

Although we recommend our automatic home heating oil delivery system, we still offer you the option of monitoring your own fuel oil tank and the ability to request heating oil deliveries on your own schedule. There is a 100-gallon minimum requirement and we must have at least a 48 hour notice for call-in deliveries.

Price Protected Home Heating Oil Budget Plan:

Home oil heating prices keep going up every year. Avoid costly, unexpected heating oil bills during the winter months. Eastern Fuel will calculate your entire annual heating cost into 11 affordable monthly payments. This option also provides price protection from the often-volatile energy markets. Your home oil delivery price will not exceed our Price Cap during the 11 months of the program even if prices rise during the winter. Should our retail price drop below the cap, so will your heating oil price. True Price Protection. Please contact us for details, as this plan is offered only by contract.

Heating Oil Delivery Discount Program:

For those customers that decide not to participate in the price protection budget plan, we offer a discount reward for prompt payment. If your payment is mailed within 7 days of your heating oil delivery you may reduce your heating oil delivery price by the discount advertised on your delivery ticket.

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