Air Conditioning

Whether you’re in need of a heating and air conditioning system, repair services or preventative maintenance our skilled technicians can handle the job. We will assist you in selecting the perfect solutions for your home:

  • Efficient heating and cooling systems that will help you conserve energy and reduce costs
  • Air quality options to improve your indoor comfort
Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Connecticut summers can be very uncomfortable, with lengthy heat waves and unbearable humidity. Eastern Fuel can accommodate all of your residential central air-conditioning needs and allow you to enjoy the summer months in relaxing comfort. We service and install all brands of central air-conditioning equipment including:

Air Conditioning Installations


Have one of Eastern Fuel’s licensed technicians visit your home to review your cooling needs and offer suggestions on new equipment installation. Properly sizing an upgrade and replacing older equipment can drastically improve the efficiency of your central air-conditioning system allowing you to lower your utility bills and stay cool all season long.

Air Conditioning Tune Up

Tune-up & Repair

Nothing is worse than having your air conditioning break down during those unbearable July heat waves. We recommend scheduling an annual spring time tune-up of your central A/C system that will help prevent costly breakdowns during the sweltering heat and extend the life of your system.

Should equipment break down, Eastern Fuel customers know that our technicians are just a phone call away to get their cooling systems up and running.

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